Dairy Products

New Zealand is known for its nuclear free, supernatural environment of no pollution, sparse population and rich natural resources, which is very suitable for the production of natural organic dairy products, healthy food and other related products. The suitable climate, original ecological environment and high standard of food security system ensure the purity and high-quality of New Zealand milk. What's more, New Zealand is the only milk source country that is free of avian flu, hoof-and-mouth disease and mad cow disease symptoms.

The national population of New Zealand is 4,000,000, while there are 5,260,000 cows in that country, among which 4,200,000 produce milk. Being the largest industry of the country, dairy products account for 27% of GDP. The vast majority of dairy products are for exportation, and the exportation of milk powder accounts for more than half of the volume of world trade.

Our products include Karivita Instant Skim Milk Powder 900g, Formulated Milk Powder for Middle Age 900g, Student Formulated Milk Powder 900g, Formulated Milk Powder for Lady 400g,  Goat Milk Powder 400g,  Goat Milk Powder for Middle Age 400g and A2 β-casein Type Seriel Milk Powders 800g,etc,