New Zealand is the only country in the world without any nuclear industry, 100% purely non-polluted and without any chemical residues in the air. All these ensure that all species, forests, fields and pastures is purely natural and pollution-free. So, the nature, quality and taste and texture and the natural value of New Zealand Manuka honey is not comparable to any other honey. Our products include Karivita Manuka honey active 5+, Manuka honey mixed taste, Manuka honey UMF10+, 20+ etc.

Most honeys are in some way antibacterial (some quite highly so), but normally this antibacterial activity is almost exclusively derived from Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and is referred to as Peroxide Activity or PA.

Two types of activities are measured:
  • Total Activity: all the activity, including activity due to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
  • Non-Peroxide Activity: H2O2 is removed by treating honey with enzyme, this left over antibacterial properties are attributed to be unique to Manuka honey (UMF).
The results are based on an assumed density of 1.35 g/ml for this sample of honey.
This value represents an average density of Manuka honey samples obtained from the results of multiple experiments. Determination of a true activity based on the actual density is not routinely done, but it could be performed by the laboratory as an additional test if requested by the client.